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Tanner salon specializes in diabetic foot care

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Ask any diabetic and they'll tell you about the dangers of even minor foot injuries. It's estimated that up to 10 percent of diabetics will develop foot ulcers or have injuries that are difficult to treat because of nerve damage.

That’s why Head to Toe Salon salon in Tanner specializes in the diabetic foot.

Janett Blackwood comes along for the ride when her husband, Ralph, comes for a pedicure. He did his own until he was diagnosed with diabetes about five years ago.

Her background as a nurse and what she sees as a customer is why she recommends the place.

"If you don't take care of your feet, you can't take care of your body,” said Cathy McLin-Simmons, who owns Head to Toe Salon.

That's a mantra McLin-Simmons lives and works by, especially for diabetics.

"When they get nicked, normally they get infected,” she said. "And ingrown is one of the worst things you have to deal with that causes infection."

One of the reasons McLin-Simmons is so particular about her clients and the area surrounding them is because so many people can get germs. And these aren't little germs. This can be as serious as a staph infection, or it could also be a fungus.

"Keeping the moisture and fungus and all out from around the nails and between your toes is very important because once the foot begins to break down, then you've got problems,” said Ralph Blackwood.

These problems could be a wound that won't heal and even an amputation.

When choosing a salon, McLin-Simmons advises look at the health score first, then Ten looking at what they do with the client before getting in the chair.

“If you don't see them put those instruments, implements in a sanitizer, don't sit down. First of all, do not sit down. Walk out because diabetics can lose a toe or a nail very quickly,” she said.

She said make certain the foot tub is sanitized between clients.

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