How to Purchase & Program your Midland All-Hazards Weather Radio

How to purchase a Midland Weather Radio
How to purchase a Midland Weather Radio

Do you need to purchase a Midland Weather Alert Radio?

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Programming Instructions:

You will need the following:

  • Midland All-Hazards Weather Alert Radio
  • 3 AA batteries
  • A/C power adaptor

Put your three double A batteries in the back of the weather radio.

Wait for the radio to turn on. When the time 12:00 AM appears your radio is ready to program.

Where to find each step:

  • 01:30 “SET TIME”
  • 02:07 “SET EVENTS”
  • 04:17 “SET CHANNEL”
  • 05:18 “ALERT TEST”
  • 05:48 “SET ALERT TYPE”
  • 06:05 “SET LOCATION”
  • 08:16 Additional features
  • 08:45 Power options


Buttons used:

  • MENU: gets into the main menu. From there, arrow up/down to travel through all menu items.
  • SELECT: Allows you to select a menu item that you wish to adjust, or to select a setting from the menu, which is then programmed into the radio.


1) Display shows SET LANGUAGE. Press SELECT. Menu displays ENGLISH. Press SELECT.

2) Display shows SET LOCATION. Press SELECT. Arrow up/down to SINGLE. Press SELECT. Display shows SAME 01, indicating the radio is ready to accept the location to be stored in slot #1. Press SELECT. Arrow up/down to USA. Press SELECT. Arrow up/down to ALABAMA. Press SELECT. Arrow up/down to your county. Press SELECT.

3) Display shows SET TIME. Press SELECT. Arrow up/down to set the hour, going past 12 to access PM or AM numbers. Press arrow-right to adjust the tens digit. Press arrow-right to adjust the singles digit. When correct, press SELECT.

4) Display shows SET CHANNEL. Press SELECT. Arrow up/down until appropriate channel is reached. Press SELECT. To find which NOAA transmitter is appropriate for alerting your county, go to and choose your state and county. If more than one transmitter is listed for your county, tune to the clearest, strongest signal.

5) Display shows SAVING. You are done!

Need help? Call Midland Radio Corporation’s Customer Service line Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm Central time: 816-462-0459.

Valley SAME Codes

Alabama counties

Cherokee 001019

Colbert 001033

Cullman 001043

DeKalb 001049

Franklin 001059

Jackson 001071

Lawrence 001079

Limestone 001083

Lauderdale 001077

Madison 001089

Marshall 001095

Morgan 001103

Tennessee counties

Franklin 047051

Lincoln 047103

Moore 047127

Giles 047055


  • Keep the radio plugged into a wall outlet, and keep the ON/OFF switch on the side of the radio ON 24/7/365.
  • Use the WEATHER/SNOOZE button to either listen to the broadcast, or to tell the radio to be quiet.
  • Once you’ve programmed the radio, WEATHER/SNOOZE is the only button you need to operate.

Click here to see SAME codes and frequencies.