Local power companies implement intermittent power interruptions across North Alabama

TVA is anticipating high electric demand on its system due to low temperatures throughout North Alabama.
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has initiated a voluntary curtailment on Friday.
The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has initiated a voluntary curtailment on Friday.
Published: Dec. 23, 2022 at 8:36 AM CST|Updated: Dec. 24, 2022 at 8:47 AM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has directed local power companies to implement planned, short duration, intermittent power interruptions to maintain system reliably.

According to TVA, this plan is expected to be temporary until the highest peak power demands are met. Here are some ways you can help over the next 36 hours:

• Lower thermostats by just one or two degrees – public safety is of utmost importance during dangerously cold weather, so don’t make big adjustments but every degree can help save on future power bills.

• Delay doing laundry or running a dishwasher until the warmest part of the day, and turn off unnecessary lights and electronics.

• When the sun is out, open window coverings on the sunny side of homes and offices, but close window coverings at night and when the sun isn’t brightly shining.

ORIGINAL: The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has initiated a voluntary curtailment on Friday.

Due to the low temperatures forecasted through the weekend, Huntsville Utilities is asking its costumers to turn off unneeded lights and to not use major appliances such as ovens, washing machines, dryers, etc. TVA expects high electric demand on the system due to the extreme weather in the area.

Click here to learn how you can save energy while still staying warm during the low temperatures.

A spokesperson for Huntsville Utilities said they are not seeing anything “unusual” with the power. If you have a problem with your service and would like to report it, call (256) 535-4448.

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has notified the Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Corporation that it will be implementing step 50 of its Emergency Load Curtailment Program. This step means that TVA will start conducting rolling blackouts.

If you get your power from Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Corporation, you may experience rolling blackouts until further notice.

The following actions will be taken by Joe Wheeler Electric Membership Corporation:

● Reduce general firm load in accordance with our documented plan that minimizes impact on public health and safety.

● The general firm load may be reduced on a rotating blackout basis using a preplanned sequence of feeder interruptions so long as the specified percentage of reduction in general firm load remains in effect.

● Forewarn members to the extent possible, and optimize the duration of the rotating blackouts to minimize adverse conditions for those affected.

● Notify appropriate local agencies and public officials as soon as practical.

● Upon notification by TVA that Step 50 is canceled, return to normal operation at TVA’s direction.

The City of Huntsville announced that its recreation centers closed early on Friday to help TVA and Huntsville Utilities in reducing high power demand. The recreation centers will be closed until Dec. 27.

Decatur Utilities is asking its customers to voluntarily reduce their electrical usage until further notice with the announcement by TVA.

Ways to cut down on electrical usage include:

  • Lowering thermostats by just one or two degrees makes a big difference in the demand for electricity needed for heating homes and businesses. Use layered clothing, blankets and other measures to increase comfort. Ceiling fans should be set to CLOCKWISE rotation to keep warm air circulating.
  • Delay using washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and high-energy-use appliances until later on Saturday afternoon.
  • Keep window covering closed on the non-sunny side of homes but open them if bright sunlight is available to provide additional heat.

Athens Utilities has also asked customers to cut down on their electric usage due to TVA initiating a voluntary curtailment.

According to our news partner at the Times Daily, the Muscle Shoals Electric Board will initiate rolling blackouts in 30-minute intervals on a circuit-to-circuit basis. All customers will be impacted.