Alabama Virtual Academy has highest re-enrollment numbers since founded

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 10:26 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Online school is the new normal for a lot of families after they had to adapt during the pandemic. Some families even say they’re sticking with it through graduation.

Head of School at the Alabama Virtual Academy, Melissa Larson says at the beginning of May, 67 percent of families were re-registering their students in the virtual academy. Now, two months later, it has not slowed down.

“We actually have 90 percent of our students re-registering. Where we thought there might be a mass exodus of students back to the brick and mortar after the school year, that is not actually what we have seen,” says Larson.

The Alabama Virtual Academy, or ALVA, accepts 5,000 students around the state each year. There are only 1,500 seats left.

“The enrollment season really starts to ramp up towards the end of July, early August, closer to when school starts,” says Larson.

Wei Barr has two children enrolled in the virtual academy.

“The difference between ALVA and the others is that Alabama Virtual was designed from the start to be a fully online option,” says Barr.

But, there were still growing pains for ALVA during the pandemic. One of her daughters even jumped in to help.

“She started a peer tutoring program specifically focusing on kids who do not know where to find the content or where to find a study session online,” says Barr.

Larson says ALVA is expanding and will be offering more outside the classroom activities. Larson and Barr say virtual learning is not for everyone but it is here for anyone.

“Online is not for everyone just like brick and mortar is not for everyone but it is great that everyone can choose what works for them the best.”

Enrollment is still active for ALVA. for ALVA. This is not to be confused with what individual school districts plan to offer for online learning, this is at a state level.

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