Huntsville CBD and hemp dispensary owner discusses new medical marijuana law

Updated: May. 18, 2021 at 9:39 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Medical marijuana is now legal in Alabama. The owner of a CBD and hemp dispensary in Huntsville is sharing his opinions on the new legislation.

The owner of the first licensed CBD and Hemp dispensary in the state is located in Huntsville. Jason Pauls says he is excited but wishes the law did more.

“It’s a great, huge step for Alabama. At the same time, it’s baby steps. Not everything in the bill I agree with,” said Pauls.

In the bill Governor Kay Ivey signed, people with certain medical conditions like cancer, terminal illness, chronic pain and epilepsy are allowed to use specific forms of medical marijuana like pills, oils and topical products.

Jason Pauls is the co-owner of the Green Lady CBD and Hemp Dispensary. He says the law doesn’t do enough.

“The bill is very restrictive. It’s not allowing any smoking products, any edible products. It’s very basic. It’s probably the most restrictive bill in the United States at the moment,” said Pauls.

Pauls has been in business offering CBD and hemp products to customers in the five points community of Huntsville for more than two years.

He says medical marijuana will save lives.

“We’ve seen so many different people, from so many different walks of life come in here, not knowing if they were going to make it to the next day,” said Pauls.

He says medical marijuana will also make it easier for people who are suffering.

“We have customers who needed that higher THC content, so they’re having to drive to Colorado or to Illinois, somewhere to get their treatment just so they can come back here and have a better way of life for a week or two before they have to go back and do another treatment,” said Pauls.

Pauls says he hopes to be one of the 12 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. He says he has room in his store and he’s getting the application ready right now.

As we’ve been reporting, medical marijuana won’t be available in Alabama for 18 more months.

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