Five DMV satellite offices closing in Madison County

Five DMV offices to close

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Members of the Madison County Commission determined the fate of DMV satellite offices across the county on Wednesday, March 3rd.

There are eight satellite offices across the county and five of them are closing.

The DMV satellite office in Meridianville is one of them. It’s the result of the new Service Center that opened on Monday in Huntsville.

“I’m disappointed, because we just moved out to Meridianville and it was really nice to have a satellite office. There was really no wait, and no line. Having to go to downtown was more of a hassle,” said Joseph Houle.

There are signs already on the doors and the lights are turned off at the Meridianville satellite office.

“The Meridianville office is being relocated to the services center. It’s six to eight miles away from the new Service Center. Our thing there, you could only only get six people inside that facility,” said Commission Chairman Dale Strong.

The other satellite offices closing are located at Redstone Arsenal, Highway 53, the Madison County Courthouse, and Parkway Place Mall.

The satellite office inside the mall, will close at the end of the lease, in late September.

Three satellite offices will remain open. They’re located in Madison, New Hope and Bailey Cove.

The offices in New Hope and Bailey Cove don’t have any overhead expense because they’re within buildings the county already owns, unlike the location in Meridianville, inside a strip mall.

People we talked to say they hope the new Service Center doesn’t get too crowded with so many satellite offices closing.

“Coming from California, we have to deal with the DMV, which is a nightmare. You’re basically in there all day. You have to pack a lunch,” said Joseph Houle.

Madison County Commissioner Tom Brandon, made it known that he wanted to keep the Meridianville satellite office open.

The commissioners say they will continue to evaluate the numbers and see how things go at the new Service Center.

If a location in Meridianville ends up being needed, chairman Dale Strong says they’ll have discussions.

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