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Arab Historic Village Draws Visitors for a Great Day Trip


The Arab Historic Village stands as a tribute to the pioneers who settled the area. Under the city's Parks and Rec department it's a plus for tourism dollars, according to director Steve Hallman. "With the Boyd house, the Hunt School, this museum. We've got all kinds of things here that a town our size."

Visitors will see it as an educational experience of life in the area. Our tour guide is Janet Calhoun, the local Historical Society's Historian. "We're standing now in the Hunt school. This school was built in 1935." The school had two rooms, and the teachers were husband and wife. She did the lower grades, and he taught the higher grades, as well as being the school principal.

There is also a home where school teacher Lola Boyd lived, complete with smoke house and out house. Calhoun says Boyd was around a long time. "Ms. Boyd lived to be just short of a hundred years and she lived here. She was the youngest of 12 children that were born and raised here."

Built in 1912, Rice church is symbolic of a community steeped in faith. "We had the traveling Smithsonian journey stories, and this was one of the buildings. We had more visitors to come than any other town in the state of Alabama when we presented that", said Calhoun.

She said on special occasions society president Shirley Gullion leads the music here. "Gets to be almost like a foot stomping singing, and we have even some preachers that will come and they will say that's what I'm talking about!!"

The museum has several displays according to President Gullion. "The stagecoach inns were a place where the stage coaches would stop and the horses would get to rest and eat."

She says they have many different settings from different time periods.  "We're standing in front of the People's Drug Store, which was the first drug store to be in operation on Main street, in downtown Arab."

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