Finally Friday Forecast

Not too cold… Not too warm… Just right for your late Friday afternoon. Highs will settle into the middle 70s with little to no wind. Sunshine and no rain makes for a perfect day to get outdoors. Tonight skies will remain clear, winds calm, giving us the chance to cool into the low 50s overnight.

Staying cool today with a mix of sun & clouds all day on Thursday

A bit Breezy for your mid-week Afternoon

Showers & storms early this morning before a cool and cloudy afternoon

Rain showers to move in late tonight

Passing clouds today before rain moves in overnight!

Scattered rain chances and cool the next few days

Continued Coverage

Showers possible this morning with cooler temps ahead

Strong storms with gusty winds and hail possible tonight

  Warm & breezy Mother’s Day, gusty winds & storms possible this evening

Mother’s Day Forecast

Saturday Morning Forecast

Calm Cool and Collected for your Friday Afternoon

Gorgeous, albeit cool, Friday ahead of Mother’s Day Weekend rain chances

Happy Friday! We’ve made it to the end of the week & we are going to be treated with a spectacular day!

A Little bit of Sun, Cloud and Rain for your Thursday

Another day in the 70s with a cool wind is scheduled for your Thursday. A few clouds will begin to build as we head into the next several hours. Later on, rain is expected to put a damper on any outside plans early in the evening.

Unseasonably cool today with plenty of sunshine before evening showers & storms!

Happy Thursday! Quiet, cool, and calm to start our day today!

Calm Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Clouds are beginning to break apart and let sunshine through. Dry and breezy for your noon hour with winds helping to keep us cool for the day and dip us into the 40s overnight.

Cooler temperatures & lower humidity behind the cold front

Strong to severe storms with gusty winds, hail and heavy rain tonight

First Alert Weather Day: Severe weather threat Tuesday

FIRST ALERT WEATHER DAY for two rounds of storms Tuesday

Storm chances this morning with a severe threat on Tuesday

Scattered storms expected overnight into Monday morning

Dreary with Drizzle

Light spotty showers will pass through this morning. Fog should not be an issue, but a light drizzle as you walk out the door may prompt you to grab a raincoat. Mild and definitely muggy this AM with temperatures in the 50s and 60s.

Stronger storms possible Sunday evening

Cloud cover will continue to move in late this evening and overnight with mild lows in the mid to upper 70s. Sunday will start off with some peeks of sunshine before becoming mainly cloudy, winds will be breezy from the southeast with gusts over 20 mph expected.

Saturday Morning Forecast

The best day of your weekend has started, and it’s off to a great one. Temperatures currently in the 50s out there with a few clouds in the sky. Felling a little more like spring for the day ahead, with temperatures right around where they are supposed to be. Sunny with the 70s today.

Cool, dry, & breezy Friday before warmer weather returns this weekend!

Happy Friday! We are in for a spectacular day today and it will carry over into the weekend!

Strong storms with gusty winds possible tonight

Rain showers will be possible through the rest of the evening with scattered stronger thunderstorms moving in through midnight. Some storms could produce 45+ mph wind gusts, heavy rainfall, small hail and frequent lightning. Rain and storms will end by early Friday.

More warmth & humidity today before showers & strong storms move in this evening!

Happy Thursday! Another warm & muggy morning & that will be the case again this afternoon!

Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

Warm afternoon ahead with the 80s scheduled for that daytime high. Cloudy for most of your Wednesday with most of the rain staying to the north of us. We will see that rain eventually move into our forecast going into Thursday. Tonight, lows stay mild and muggy with the lower 60s.

Back into the 80s this afternoon!

Happy Wednesday! If you haven't turned on the A/C yet, you may flip the switch today...

Tuesday Morning Forecast

Very mild this morning under partly cloudy skies. Clouds will carry with us throughout your morning and afternoon today, but temperatures will still quickly climb. Another day in the 80s for the Tennessee Valley. Even warmer for your Tuesday afternoon with gusty south winds.

Warmer 80s and breezy the next two days

Cloud cover will quickly push in late tonight and linger into Tuesday morning, lows will be comfortable in the mid to upper 50s. Tuesday will be another warm day with mostly sunny skies and high temps climbing into the middle 80s. Winds will be breezy from the SSW during the afternoon.

Monday Morning Forecast

In the 40s out there under clear skies. Fog may become more of an issue as we go throughout the morning but outside of that Monday is looking pretty easy going. We will climb late this morning into the 60s and keep going from there. Highs reaching the 80s for your afternoon with sunny skies.

Sunday Morning Forecast

Temperatures are hovering in the lower 50s currently under cloudy skies. The rain has moved out, leaving us dry for the morning ahead. Mild and breezy for your Sunday. Temperatures will climb into the lower 70s for the afternoon but breezy NW winds will make it feel a little cooler.

Showers clearing with drier and cooler temperatures overnight

Happy Saturday! After a wet start to the day we have warmed up & more storms are possible.

Soggy Saturday AM

Light to moderate showers passing through as you wake up this morning. Throughout your Saturday you may hear rumbles of thunder and rain pick up periodically.

A warmer, dry, but cloudy Friday with storms moving in overnight and Saturday

Happy Friday! No need for the winter coats today, but it is still a bit cool!

Stuck in the Middle... 60s

Fair and calm for the rest of your afternoon hours with temperatures getting a slight boost thanks to a change in winds and sunshine. The middle 60s for your Thursday high and lows in the 40s. Friday will see more clouds push in, but continue to stay dry.

Frosty start today with warmer temperatures and rain moving in for the weekend

Happy Thursday! Bundle up this morning, it is cold!

Breezy & Partly Sunny for your Afternoon

Clouds will begin to break away and allow sunshine to poke through for your afternoon hours. Unfortunately, it will not do much to warm us up for your Wednesday. Temperatures will struggle and only get into the middle to upper 50s for highs. Dry and cold for your evening with clouds pushing east.

Cold & breezy today with frost possible overnight tonight

Happy Wednesday. Reach into the back of that closet and grab your winter coat, hat and gloves…

Big temperature swing for Wednesday

Enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather today because some drastic changes will happen overnight. A cold front will sweep through from the northwest overnight bringing light scattered rain showers to Middle TN and North AL, showers should be light and dissipate by the morning commute.

Sunshine & warmth today with changes on the way today!

Happy Tuesday! Take advantage of the warmer weather and beautiful sun today because you’ll miss it by tomorrow!

Sun and 70s Tuesday before a big temperature drop

Cloud cover will gradually increase this evening with cool overnight temps in the upper 40s. We have one more great day ahead on Tuesday with plenty of sunshine and seasonal highs in the low to middle 70s. A cold front will swing through Wednesday morning bringing a chance at light showers.

Beautiful start to the week with a blast of colder temperatures by midweek

Happy Monday! Waking up to a cooler than normal morning, but even colder temperatures are around the corner.

70s & sun to start the week, but a big cooldown coming!

Mostly cloudy skies remain in place tonight into Monday morning with lows starting off in the low to middle 40s. Things looks great to start the work week on Monday and Tuesday with plenty of sunshine and seasonal highs in the low to middle 70s.

Sunday Morning Forecast

Cooler this morning with most of our morning temperatures hovering in the 40s.We will have a good mix of sun and cloud this afternoon with a little more warmth to work with. Still stuck in the 60s for highs, but we will notice a few 70 degree days as we look ahead.

Some sunshine and 60s for Sunday

Cloud cover will gradually thin out overnight into Sunday morning resulting in a cooler stat, lows will be in the low to middle 40s. Sunday will be a pleasant Spring day with a mix of sun and clouds, highs will stay well below average in the middle 60s with a light NW breeze.

Saturday Morning Showers

Very light showers crossing that state line to our west. We will see these track through during the morning hours for your Saturday. We may see moderate rainfall within these spotty showers by mid-morning.

Finally Friday Afternoon Forecast

Mild and uneventful for your Friday afternoon. We will see the sun periodically today pushing through cloud coverage, but overall it will be a bit gloomy out there. Highs will reach into the middle to upper 60s for the day.

Cool & cloudy end to the week with rain moving in overnight into the weekend

Happy Friday! Grab a jacket this morning, it is much colder than you’re probably expecting!

Breezy with some Sun for your Thursday Afternoon

Some Sunshine for your afternoon ahead, but staying on the cooler side of things. The 60s have now settled in with breezy north winds to keep us cool through the next few hours. We won’t quite get rid of all the clouds, but we will see gradual clearing going into the evening.

Cooler stretch ahead with showers possible this weekend

Happy Thursday! No rain today, but it will definitely be cooler than anything we have seen this week.

Showers ending tonight; Cooler and breezy Thursday

Light scattered showers will linger across North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley this evening as a cold front sweeps through, temps are running significantly cooler as a result. A few showers will linger overnight with clouds sticking around, lows will be cool in the low to middle 40s by daybreak.

Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

We are looking at rain as we go throughout your afternoon. We could see a thunderstorm or two pop up, and that would drive totals a bit, but overall the afternoon is looking mostly overcast.

Much cooler day ahead with scattered showers much of the day

Happy Wednesday! Keep your umbrella handy today, you may need it on and off throughout the day.

Isolated to scattered rain showers expected Wednesday

Mostly cloudy skies stay in place overnight with mild lows in the low to middle 50s, isolated rain showers may develop by the morning commute. Wednesday looks to be our best chance of seeing scattered rain showers and isolated rumbles of thunder as a weak cold front swings through.

One more day of warmth before rain & cooler temperatures move in overnight

Happy Tuesday! Get ready for one more warm day before we start to see cooler temperatures move in.

Cooler temps in the 60s ahead

Skies remain clear overnight with calm conditions, patchy fog may develop with overnight lows staying mild in the low to middle 50s. Cloud cover will increase on Tuesday with temps just slightly cooler as a result, highs will be in the mid to upper 70s.

Beautiful day ahead before rain & cooler temperatures

Happy Monday. Today is going to be the best day of the week so take advantage!

Another breezy but sunny day Monday with highs near 80°

Another clear and cool night is expected for Sunday night into Monday with lows dipping into the upper 40s to low 50s, breezy west winds will gradually subside overnight. Monday looks fabulous with plenty of sunshine and highs approaching 80 degrees, winds will once again gust over 20 mph.

Sunday Morning Forecast

Soon to be sunny and overall easy going forecast for your Sunday. Winds will be breezy throughout the day, shifting from the south to the west. Steering clear of any rain for the next few days with sunshine staying in the forecast. Today and tomorrow will be warm and in the 70s.

Sunny, seasonal but breezy Sunday

Breezy winds will gradually subside overnight with clearing skies, lows will be cool in the upper 40s to low 50s. Sunday will be another breezy day with westerly winds gusting over 20 miles per hour, skies should be mainly sunny with temps reaching the low to middle 70s in the afternoon.

Stormy Start to your Saturday

Showers and storms continue to track to the east this morning. As we look to our west we see rain will continue over the Valley for a good chunk of your morning. At the moment we are just seeing moderate rainfall and gusty winds move through.

Storms for your afternoon and evening

Some sunshine and clouds for your afternoon with temperatures climbing into the 80s. Thunderstorms to our south are bringing the potential for strong winds, hail and heavy rain a little earlier in our day.

Warm & sunny to start with strong late day storms moving in

Happy Friday! Another warm Spring day instore but more storms are on the way as well.

Thursday Afternoon Drying Up

Rain has moved to our east with just a few clouds left behind. Cloud coverage will continue to break apart going into the next few hours allowing us to really warm up. Near 80 degrees for that daytime high. Winds will continue to be strong from the south and west pushing in warm air.

Storms early then warm & sunny this afternoon

Happy Thursday! Waking up to a wet start in some spots this morning but it won’t be like that all day long.

Rain and Storms Moving in Overnight

Clouds will shuffle in and continue to build heading into late afternoon. A line of showers and storms will move in from the west into North Alabama shortly after the 8 o’clock hour and continue to head east.

Wednesday Afternoon Forecast

For the afternoon, things will stay calm and warm with highs reaching near 80 degrees. Clouds will shuffle in and continue to build heading into late afternoon. Rain will eventually make its way in from the west around 9pm.

80s possible today ahead of a strong line of storms late this evening

Happy Wednesday! Get ready for some warmth and some storms!

Warm & sunny day with the 80s possible today & tomorrow

Happy Tuesday! Grab the sunscreen because you’re going to need it!

Another perfect day Tuesday with sun and 70s

Skies stay mostly clear overnight with mild low temperatures near 50 degrees on Tuesday morning. More sunshine is in the forecast for Tuesday with temps approaching 80 degrees. Cloud cover will quickly move in for Wednesday with highs in the upper 70s to low 80s.

Sunny & warm to start the week ahead of midweek storms

Happy Monday! Get ready for a beautiful day across the Valley!

Perfect start to the week with sun and 70s Monday & Tuesday

Clear skies remain in place overnight into Monday with lows in the low to middle 40s, some very isolated frost could develop in some sheltered valleys. The workweek will start off great with plenty of sunshine and highs in the middle 70s for Monday and Tuesday.

Happy Easter & Sunday Morning Tennessee Valley

A Frost Advisory for the Tennessee Valley has been issued through 8 am this morning with temperatures in the upper 30s and lower 40s. More mild compared to Saturday, but still a chilly start to your Easter Sunday.

FROST ADVISORY tonight; Perfect Easter Sunday!

A FROST ADVISORY is in effect through 8:00 AM CDT Sunday, lows will dip into the low to middle 30s overnight and patch frost will develop. Please protect any sensitive plants and vegetation that may be harmed by frost. Despite a chilly and frost morning, Easter Sunday will be fantastic.

Saturday Starting off Cold

Literally freezing out there this morning, so a cold start to your Saturday to say the least! Bundle up as you walk out that door today.We are under a Freeze Warning until 9am with widespread frost looking likely after 4 am.

Freezing temperatures today ahead of another cool afternoon

Happy Friday! Bundle up, we have freezing temperatures this morning!

Calm and Clear Thursday Afternoon

A chilly, but easy going Thursday afternoon. Highs will climb into the 50s for your day with plenty of sunshine to help combat brisk northern winds. Clouds will steer clear for the next few days, keeping our evenings cooler. A Freeze Warning is over the Tennessee Valley until 8 am Friday morning.