Valuable property stolen from former NFL player

Published: Aug. 21, 2008 at 12:43 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 21, 2008 at 2:39 AM CDT
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It's the 4th quarter, and police investigators need your help to score the game-winning touchdown.

Why the football analogy?

Well, because a former NFL player is fighting to recover after a shooting.

Here are the details in this week's WAFF 48 Crimestoppers.

Rollin Putzier played for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1988, and then "struck gold" playing with the 49ers in 1989.

That's the year San Francisco won Super Bowl 24.

Putzier earned a coveted Super Bowl ring.

After 3 years in the World League of American Football, his pro career ended in 1995.

Fast forward to 2008.

Putzier was working as a bouncer at the Hog Wild II on South Parkway, as well as another nightclub in town.

On July 6th, he was shot trying to break up a fight.

But it didn't happen at work.

It happened at his home at Hunter's Ridge Apartments.

Two people were arguing in the parking lot.

He went to break that up.

One of them pulled a gun and shot Putzier in the stomach.

A mystery man, described as a white man in a black vehicle, put Putzier in his car and drove him to the emergency room.

Then the man left.

Somewhere along the line, Putzier's Super Bowl ring went missing.

Putzier is still in the hospital.

And the man who shot him is still on the loose.

Investigators need your help finding him as well, as the man who drove putzier to the hospital.

Please call 53-Crime.

You could earn up to a thousand dollars and you'll remain anonymous.

Investigators also need your help finding Curtis Kwmaina Pickett for allegedly kicking in the back door of a local business.

Angel Michelle Skaggs is wanted for allegedly running over the foot of her husband with her vehicle after he told her he wanted a divorce.

Vicky Dee Hicks is wanted on a charge of theft by deception.

And Darnell Deardre Nettles is wanted on a theft of property charge.

This week we'd like to thank the Richland Golf Center, the Huntsville Times and Redstone Federal Credit Union for supporting Crimestoppers.