Who is Bobby Ray Gilbert?

Published: Aug. 1, 2008 at 2:04 AM CDT|Updated: Sep. 1, 2008 at 1:52 AM CDT
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Bobby Ray Gilbert is a name that many here wouldn't recognize.

But 20 years ago, he dominated headlines in the Heart of the Valley.

We've gone deep into our archives to find out more about the man who claims he, not Tommy Arthur, killed Troy Wicker.

And what we've found is a man with a violent history.

The stay of execution for Tommy Arthur centers around Bobby Ray Gilbert and the affidavit claiming responsibility for the death of Troy Wicker.

Gilbert has a violent rap sheet including two murders, an escape, and assault.

In 1986, Gilbert was convicted of killing 62-year-old Walton Edison Brewer in Dekalb County.

He and another man shot Brewer several times during a robbery.

During the trial for his co-defendant Gilbert was held in a jail cell in Dekalb Sounty.

He escaped after overpowering a guard and holding a knife to his throat.

He left behind a taunting note in the form of a poem.

"By the time you read this i'll have a gun and bringing me back the next time won't be fun."

Deputies hit the fields and the streets looking for him.

After a night of searching, two men found Gilbert hiding in bushes and held him at gunpoint until deputies could arrive.

But the violence did not end there WAFF 48 News has obtained court records from another murder trial involving Gilbert.

He stabbed a fellow inmate to death in 1990.

Here are the sentences Gilbert is serving - Life without parole, two life sentences, two 99 year sentences, a 40 year sentence, and a 10 year sentence.

Obviously, he'll never get out of prison.

He's currently serving time in St. Clair correctional facility.

In his affidavit, Gilbert claims that he met Troy Wicker's wife at a club in Huntsville when he was working construction in huntsville in 1982.

In her own affidavit, Wicker's former wife denies ever knowing Gilbert.