No vicious dog ordinance in Valley county ties hands of animal control officers

No vicious dog ordinance in Valley county ties hands of animal control officers

By Josh Ault
WAFF 48 News Reporter

Last week a Franklin County boy was seriously injured by a neighbor's pit bull.

The dog that attacked the boy is now being held at the Franklin County Animal Control Office.  It will be there for 10 days.

The boy is lucky to be alive.

Grady Parrish, Franklin County Animal Control Officer, said, "It severely mangled his arm."

Animal control officers say these dogs can be deadly.  Pit bull attacks are not uncommon in Franklin County.

"We have had several. I have to look at our records. I can think of about six that comes to mind," said Parrish.

Franklin County Animal control officers are limited when it comes to dealing with vicious dogs.

Parrish said, "If he bites someone everyday, we will just have to quarantine him and go back over it again.  There is nothing we can do."

Surrounding counties are a little more strict with dangerous dogs.

Kenny Price, Colbert County Animal Control Supervisor, said, "On a vicious animal that has bitten, If I deem that dog is not confined properly I will confiscate that animal."

The City of Florence has a specific vicious dog ordinance.  If animal control officers find an overly aggressive dog, they require the owner to meet specific guidelines in fencing the dog.  If the owners do not obey, they can be ordered to remove the dog from the city, and be forced to go to court.

What is the best advice for families with children?

Parrish added, "Keep them away from pit bulls."

If you have any concerns about a vicious dog in your neighborhood, the best thing to do is contact your local animal control office.

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