Rep. Sue Schmitz indicted in 2-year college probe

Rep. Sue Schmitz indicted in 2-year college probe

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) - State Rep. Sue Schmitz has been arrested on federal charges of taking $177,251 in pay from a program affiliated with Alabama's two-year college system despite doing hardly any work.

Court records show Schmitz, D-Toney, was arrested Thursday on fraud charges after a court unsealed a felony indictment returned earlier this month. She was freed on $25,000 bond.  Schmitz did not immediately return telephone calls or an e-mail message seeking comment.

Her attorney, Buck Watson, said he did not know enough about the case to comment yet.  Schmitz was employed from January 2006 until October 2006 by the CITY Skills Training Consortium, an arm of Alabama's troubled two-year college system.

The indictment claims she made as much as $53,403 annually in the post despite rarely showing up and doing virtually no work.

Court files indicate Schmitz will fight the charges.

She was scheduled to enter a plea of innocent during a hearing set for Feb. 11.

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