Predator at the Daycare update: Daycare closes

Predator at the Daycare update: Daycare closes

Closed! The doors are shut on the daycare center exposed by the WAFF 48 Investigators for letting a sexual predator on its property.

DHR suspended the license of Creative Beginnings Child Development Center on Friday. WAFF 48 Investigator Robyn Mcglohn stopped by the daycare and the note on the door is brutally honest.

It tells parents the license has been suspended and why.

Most daycares closed for this Veterans Day, but Creative Beginnings will be closed for quite awhile.

With empty halls and a deserted playground, Fiday we were told by DHR the business had their license suspended.

The sign on the front door explains it all: "The suspension is necessary because of the imminent danger to the health, safety and welfare of the children who attend the center."

It seems extreme, but it all came to light after WAFF 48 News received a tip that the director's husband had been on the property.

The letter goes on to read: "John Griffin, a registered sex offender, has been observed at the center during operating hours, while chidlren were present."

That's a big no-no when your licensed by DHR.

Despite them knowing from the beginning he was the director's husband, they were allowed to operate as a DHR licensened daycare center.

But now the suspension has left parents to find another daycare.

According to the sign if you are a parent and need help finding another place for your child, you can call Child Care Management Agency at 256-534-5110.

WAFF 48 News Investigator Robyn Mcglohn first broke this story earlier week.