Law suit filed against Valley nursing home

Law suit filed against Valley nursing home

A man is accusing a Valley veterans home of neglecting his father.

He even went so far as to secretly video-tape the actions inside the facility.

WAFF 48 News Reporter Robyn Mcglohn was in the courtroom this morning and has the story.

Friday, lawyers representing both the Tut Fann State Veterans Home and Mr. Jesse Kitchens, Senior stood side by side.

Mr. Kitchens lived at Tut Fann for 4 years.

His son, Mr. Jesse Kitchens Junior, alleges he was neglected during that time.

His lawyer, Tommy Siniard, filed suit last September.

"Over the course of his treatment has suffered an excess of 20 falls, several of which had been serious broken 2 jaw, he's been we allege struck by employees." says Siniard

He says the list goes on.

Kitchens son even videotaped much of the neglect for 60 days prior to removing him to a Decatur nursing home.

"During the course of that filming he saw that his father would go 8,10, 12 hours without a person coming in his room," says Siniard.

Tut Fann denies neglect.

Friday, lawyers from the nursing home asked for a motion to dismiss.

That motion was granted, but only for one paragraph out of a 13-page motion.

It reads: "While Mr. Kitchens, Sr. was a resident at Floyd E. "Tut" Fann State Veterans Home, the staff of the facility failed to properly administer medication to Mr. Kitchens, Sr."

This paragraph was dismissed because defense attorneys say it's too generic.

The law requires to give specific dates, time and acts of complaints.

Lawyers for Tut Fann wouldn't speak on camera, but prosecutors say one paragraph omitted won't hurt their case.