WAFF 48 Investigators Update: Used car lot shut down

WAFF 48 Investigators Update: Used car lot shut down

An embattled used car lot is shut down by the city of Huntsville.

City officials say Discount Auto Sales, formerly Greene's Auto Sales, was operating illegally.

When the Greene's changed the name of their business and switched ownership to Randy Greene's wife, Patti, they basically had to meet city code all over again.

Instead of waiting for approval, they kept selling cars.

What the WAFF 48 Investigators uncovered next is the focus of this Investigators Report.

You knew it then as Greene's Auto Sales, owned Randy Greene, a man plagued with allegations of odometer rollbacks, selling junk cars and with holding titles.

The WAFF 48 Investigators exposed those practices in November.

After our report, the car lot took on a new name, Discount Auto Sales, and listed on paper a new owner, Randy's wife Patti Greene but, operated on the same lot and by the same people, Randy Greene and his nephew Chris Davis.

Davis told you a month ago he quit working for Greene because he was unethical.

Earlier this week, we watched Davis open shop at Discount Auto Sales, even though they aren't supposed to be open until the city approves the new business license.

On Friday, city officials shut Discount Auto Sales down, but watch what happens when the WAFF 48 Investigators show up hours later.

The lights are flipped off after they see our cameras rolling.

Minutes later, the people inside Discount Auto Sales turn the lights back on, peering out the window, no doubt looking for our cameras.

The WAFF 48 Investigators wanted to know if they were once again breaking the law.

"Chris. Why are you guys still operating when the city shut you down," asks Susie Edwards.

"I come here to get my car. I ain't working here," responds Davis.

"Yes you are, I've seen you open three times this week Chris.  You came in three times this week and you opened earlier this week.  Is Randy here? I just want to know why you guys are still open when the city's closed you down. Hello? Why did you turn the lights out? You've had them on all day?

We go to the back door, in hopes of speaking to the new owner, Patti Green.

"You need to leave. You're trespassing," said the unidentified woman inside.

"You guys are supposed to be closed.  I'd just like to know why you're still open."

"We are closed."

We never got a straight answer from the people inside Discount Auto Sales tonight.

We'll keep watching and if the city approves their business license and we'll let you know when they are open legally for business.