Investigators Report: Used Car Smell

If you've ever bought, or thought about buying a used car, this story might make you cringe.  One customer has launched serious allegations against a Valley car dealer.                               If the names "Best Deal Used Cars", "B&G Wholesale Company" or most recently "Greene's Auto Sales" ring a bell they all have one thing in common.  Randy Greene either owned or was associated with those car dealerships.  He's the focus of our WAFF 48 Investigators report.

"I saw it in Autotrader one day. I called him about it, and his salesman told me it was a real good truck."

And after looking at it, Phillip Dean thought the 1999 Ford F-250 was a real good deal.

"For a diesel truck, 77,000 miles is low mileage," said Dean.

"He said it was a one owner, local truck from Athens, Alabama. He said an old farmer had it," Dean said.

"And that's why the carpet's wet. We had it cleaned," he said.

"He had the story to back up everything," said Dean.

Dean bought the truck on the spot from Greene's Auto Sales. At that time, the car lot was on Highway 72. Today it is located on Memorial Parkway in south Huntsville.

Dean says it took only days for both the truck--and the story--to fall apart.

"First off the speakers were bad. I put them in it. The radio quit, the light switch went out. The switches that turns the dome lights on, they went out. Then all the brakes went out."

Dean also noticed a sour smell in the cab. And, of all things, sand falling out of the dashboard. The transmission shut down. A mechanic got him up and running and he drove his truck to a Ford dealership. He left with the dealership with a car fax vehicle history report on his truck.

It shows dean is the third owner of the truck. And while Dean claims he was told the truck was never wrecked, the car fax report shows an accident in North Carolina in December 2001.

In September 2005, the truck was registered in a county declared a flood disaster area by FEMA.

And take a look at the mileage Greene's Auto Sales puts on Dean's bill of sale on September 2005, compared to the mileage logged on this truck after a routine service in March of 2003.

"In 2003 it had 109,661 miles on it. So how did I buy it with 77,000 miles on it?," Dean said.

Dean called Randy Greene, the owner of Greene's Auto Sales, to find out.

"First he told me the car fax was lying, then he told me his salesman rolled back the miles on it," said Dean.

It was time for WAFF 48 Investigators to do our own research. We wrote down vehicle identification numbers from cars and trucks at Greene's Auto Sales, we ran car fax reports, then we went car shopping.

We sent a WAFF 48 employee to Greene's Auto Sales. Randy Greene is the first to greet her, before turning her over to a salesman.  Greene then stands and watches from the porch of the office, while our undercover shopper browses the lot, and vows to come back.

On day two our undercover shopper is aiming for a black Chevy S-10 pickup truck. The night before, WAFF 48 Investigators uncovered the truck had an odometer rollback check alert.

Carfax reflects in September of 2000, there were 130,000 on it and noted it was not the actual mileage title issued.

Our undercover shopper asked, "Do you have a carfax report on it or anything?"

The car salesman's response: "No ma'am, I don't. Our carfax is down."

Familiar words to Phillip Dean.

"I asked him for a carfax the day I bought the truck and he said his computer was down and couldn't do one," Dean said.

Day three and time to take Dean's allegations straight to Randy Greene.

WAFF Investigators confronted Greene in his office.

REPORTER: "Randy Greene?  I'm Susie Edwards, WAFF 48 News. We have allegations you roll back the mileage on your cars. Have you rolled back the odometers on the cars you sell?"

GREENE: "Get out. Leave my place of business. Get out."

REPORTER: "Do you want to say anything to defend yourself at all?"

GREENE: "Leave. Get out. Get off my property. I'm not doing anything wrong here."

REPORTER: "Can I leave you my business card so you can contact me in case you change your mind?"

Greene slammed the door in our face and told us to leave.

Before this story aired Wednesday night we started receiving phone calls from people with similar allegations against Randy Greene.

Through courthouse records, we found civil court cases filed against Greene that date back to 1990.  In some cases, the charges were dropped.  We found one case where the court ruled in Greene's favor.  And others where the court found in the Plaintiff's favor.

We have been in contact with Greene's attorney.  They have no comment.