Part 3: Peggy Lowe breaks her silence

Published: Nov. 9, 2006 at 2:15 AM CST|Updated: Jan. 18, 2007 at 1:21 PM CST
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The WAFF 48 Investigators have spent months investigating the 14-year-old murder of a valley doctor.

Dr. Jack Wilson was brutally killed.

His wife and a so-called hit man, convicted.

His wife's sister, accused of conspiring with her twin, was found not guilty.

And that sister is talking exclusively to WAFF 48 Investigator Georgi Bragg.

The prosecution argued that so-called hit man, James White, was in love with Peggy Lowe, Betty Wilson's twin sister.

That theory put Betty Wilson behind bars and helped land James White a deal.

But it backfired in Lowe's trial, as her attorneys convinced jurors that white was retaliating because Lowe didn't love him back.

"Was he in love, was he infatuated with you," Bragg asks Lowe.

"I don't think that I am so stonewalled that I wouldn't have had some inkling that this man had some sort of affection for me. I think that's just something he made up and that's just part of his story," Lowe responds.

Lowe says James White had several stories, including one that the sister's left money for him in several places.

"What was the most surprising thing that came out of his mouth in Betty's trial or your trial," Bragg asks.

"It surprised me to hear that I had left money for him at the dam and when he was asked where at the dam it was, 'Oh on the side of the road somewhere'. And that he came up with another story on another day, 'I was wrong about that, she left the money somewhere else on a different day and then she left the money oh, she ended up giving me the money'. There were just so many stories.  So many different things that made no sense, until the police stepped in and started helping him make sense of it," says Lowe.

"What is the truth? What is the truth," Bragg questions Lowe.

"I don't know what the truth is. I know what a lie is. I know that everything that Mr. White said is a lie. I know the police lied to us, manipulated us. I don't know why. I don't know why they would just take Mr. White's word for that. But I can tell you one thing, it could happen to you. It could happen to your next door neighbor. If somebody in your neighborhood was murdered or died suspiciously and somebody else said, 'Oh, I think Georgi had something to do with that', you'll have to prove you didn't," she answers.

The other prominet issue at trial was Betty Wilson's lifestyle.

"Betty makes no excuses and she does admit to affairs," states Bragg.

"I think they portrayed Betty in such a negative light that they made the jury hate her. And her defense team did nothing to clear up any of those comments that the state were making about her.  They could have but they didn't," explains Lowe.

We have asked Betty Wilson's attorney if he feels he gave Wilson adequate counsel.

And right now there is an appeal in the works based on that very question.

Of course, we'll be there when that appeal is filed and let you know what happens.