Before pit bull attacked man, she attacked another dog

Before pit bull attacked man, she attacked another dog

Before Mike Kilpatrick of Huntsville was mauled by a pit bull, that same dog attacked a neighborhood dog.

When Kennedy heard that same pit bull mauled a person, he was in disbelief and felt he should share his story.

Tim Kennedy is property manager for apartments down the street from where a pit bull named Ginger and her owner live.

Last year his tenants said they were scared of the pit bull.
Kennedy took action.

"He's not supposed to walk through our property because he doesn't live here," said Kennedy.
"He threatened to say if my dog comes near his dog, his dog would kill my dog," he said.
Kennedy's dog is a three-year-old Chow-German Shepherd mix named Wednesday.

Here's what Kennedy says happened a few weeks after that confrontation on his property.

"I told Wednesday to come but she didn't come. So I walked out there and saw that my dog was in his dog's mouth," said Kennedy.

Kennedy ran over and pried the pit bull's mouth open with his hands.

"The dog had her face, had bit her in the mouth and her chin at the same time, just holding it like that and just shaking the dog," he said.

Kennedy says the pit bull took two chunks of flesh out of his dog and it took dozens of stitches and hundreds of dollars to get her back to normal.

He filed a complaint with Huntsville Animal Services.

After WAFF 48 Investigators spoke with Kennedy, we went down the street to the dog owner's house.

Once again, no luck in contacting the pit bull's owner.

But this time we found signs posted as a warning that said, "Beware of Dog."

Both Kennedy and Mike Kilpatrick, the man mauled by that same pit bull, have one year from the time they filed a police report to take legal action against the dog owner if they want.