Valley man mauled by pit bull

Valley man mauled by pit bull

A Valley man was mauled by a pit bull three weeks ago.

Mike Kilpatrick has to wait at least six months to see if he'll need reconstructive surgery on his face because of the attack.

Kilpatrick was attacked by Ginger, a reddish-brown pit bull. He's friends with the dog's owner, who was putting up a fence in Kilpatrick's neighborhood.

Kilpatrick was also lending a hand. The pit bull was chained to a tree in that yard on that day, August 28th.

"Everything was ok, she was wagging her tail. She was happy," said Kilpatrick of the dog.

But in a split second, he said the pit bull turned vicious.

"The dog clamped down on my face and when it was on top of me I immediately started punching the dog," he said.
Kilpatrick has the scars to prove it. Ginger the pit bull ripped the left side of Kilpatrick's face. Doctors sewed 25 stitches from beneath his left eye, to below his lip, then locked onto his hand before Kilpatrick was able to crawl away.

"The owner was horrified, he immediately punished the dog, made sure the dog was clear of me and I was clear of her," he said.
Three weeks after the attack, the scars are still visible and the emotional damage is done. Kilpatrick relives the attack every day and every night.

"Just running the events over it in my head. How I could have gotten away, what could have happened had the dog not been chained up," he said.

"I do feel the animal should probably be destroyed," said Kilpatrick.

As of Thursday, September 21st, Ginger was alive and well at her owner's house in Huntsville. Also as of the same night, there is no official investigation into this dog bite as required by law. And WAFF 48 News has also uncovered that Mike Kilpatrick is not the first creature that Ginger the pit bull has attacked.

The explanation Friday during a special WAFF 48 News Investigative Report.