New information in Jackson County courthouse shooting

WAFF 48 News has uncovered more details about the heated custody battle over two young children that led to a shooting at the Jackson County Courthouse in Scottsboro Wednesday afternoon.
There is also startling new information.
One of the shooting victims has a criminal past, which relatives say is key to what's happened in the last 24 hours.
April 15, 2004 is the first documented evidence and the only public information that helps explain what led to Scottsboro's courthouse shootings May 31st, 2006.
That's when Brandy Cook filed charges against her then-husband, Robert Lee Hunter for abuse.
Cook told the New Hope Police Department that Hunter pushed their 2-year old son.
He then placed her in a head lock and threatened to kill her. Cook says she blacked out.
Family members say she was carrying the couple's second child then.
There is a picture that is part of the file WAFF 48 News obtained with Hunter's criminal record. Difficult to see in our black and white copy, it's Brandy Cook, showing the bruises and marks Lee Hunter allegedly left behind.
A year later, Hunter was convicted of Domestic Violence in the third degree. He was placed on probation for a year.
Fast forward to the third week of May, 2006. One week before the courthouse shootings.
A Jackson County judge sends Brandy Cook to jail for contempt of court with no bond.
Her family says it's because she had emergency surgery and couldn't deliver her two children for visitation with their father, Lee Hunter.
WAFF 48 News has learned that Debra Parker and Lee Hunter had been granted two weeks of visitation with the children moments before John Christopher Lee Sr. allegedly shot them.
WAFF 48 News spoke with the Hunter family Thursday night. They declined comment for this report.
Brandy Cook's family wouldn't speak with us on camera. They are worried if they do, it could hurt her in the custody fight for the children.