High school prank could land students in hot water

High school prank could land students in hot water

By Susie Edwards
WAFF 48 News Reporter

High schoolers, a homeless man, and what went wrong with a senior prank.

A few high school seniors could be in big trouble.

It was supposed to be a harmless prank: graduating seniors at Huntsville High School leaving their legacy. But, the high school high jinks went beyond the realm of food fights and water balloons.

"Anybody would know not to have someone take their clothes off and walk down the hall of a high school," said Gail Scott, an advocate for the homeless.

She's not laughing about the senior prank.

Thursday morning students at Huntsville High enticed a homeless man, believed to be mentally ill, to help them pull off a practical joke. They promised him food and water if he would strip off his clothes and stand in the hall as kids walked to class.

School administrators don't know yet if the man was a victim of circumstance and was in the area, or if students picked him up and brought him to the school. They do know the kids helped sneak the man through a set of locked doors on campus.

"I can't believe these are adults going out into the world and it breaks my heart. I hope the appropriate action will be taken," said Scott.

Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Dr. Ann Moore says the punishment will fit the prank.

"In our policy disruptive behavior can fall under class two or three (disciplinary action) which can be suspension or expulsion, it could be that serious," said Dr. Moore.

Huntsville High principal, Dr.Leslie Esnault, is still investigating how many students are involved.

Dr. Moore says she spoke with at least some of those students Thursday.

WAFF 48 News will let you know how they are disciplined.