Somerville man arrested in Florida murder

Published: Mar. 29, 2006 at 8:37 PM CST|Updated: Apr. 14, 2006 at 5:04 PM CDT
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A valley man is reported missing. Then turns up in another state.

Now he's accused of murdering a former college professor there.

And nude photos found at the scene may answer how the two knew each other.

Johnny Ray Holt's girlfriend reported him missing to Somerville Police March 18th.

Holt's girlfriend had no idea he would be connected to the murder of a former college professor or that is case would span three states.

Morgan County Chief Deputy Mike Corley says Johnny Ray Holt's story begins in Somerville.

That's where he allegedly stole jewelry, antique coins, and three firearms from a home.

Investigators say he also helped himself to a pickup and drove south, to Key West Florida.

Holt moved in with Rodger Frederick Keller, a former college professor.

Keller was found dead March 20th, shot once in the face.

Investigators developed Holt as a prime suspect.

"It is believed that the weapon from the home burglary in Morgan County was the murder weapon in Florida," says Corley.

The story takes another bizarre twist when police found a file that contained three color photos of Holt nude inside Keller's home.

It also led to a key piece of evidence.

"The body was covered in a blanket. It is believed to be the same that our suspect was lying on when the picture was taken," says Corley.

Investigators arrested holt in Georgia.

That's where they found the stolen pickup, and a back seat full of items that didn't belong to Holt.

Holt is being held in Georgia on burglary and theft charges.

He faces first-degree felony murder charges, robbery and burglary charges in Florida.

He'll also have charges added from Morgan County.