Sheriff's department makes prostitution sting

Sheriff's department makes prostitution sting

The Madison County Sheriff's Department raided a Huntsville club Thursday night.

They made a prostitution bust at a place called Fantasia that's located at the very end of South Memorial Parkway in Huntsville.

Fourteen people were arrested.

A six month investigation led officers to believe there was illegal activity inside these doors.

Around 8:00 Thursday night Madison County sheriff's officers, Huntsville police and fire marshals along with the health department and licensing board raided Fantasia club.

Thirty-one warrants were served. Of the fourteen arrested, one was a juvenile.

Those arrested were women and men and all of them were employees of the business.

Undercover agents have been visiting the business for nearly four months. During that time they were offered drugs and sex.

The fourteen are charged under the anti-obscenity law, which basically means they were exposing body parts including genitals, which is against Alabama law.

The licensing board was also there because the establishment was serving liquor without a license.

Fantasia has been closed indefinitely.