Scattered storms today with 100° heat index

Scattered storms today with 100° heat index

(WAFF) - Happy Thursday! We are almost to the end of the week but sadly we've got to deal with some of our worst weather of the week today and tomorrow. Temperatures are warm to start off today as we are into the low to mid-70s across the Valley.

Humidity is already higher than where it's been all week. Expect a mix of sun and clouds through the morning but by the afternoon more cloud cover with scattered showers and storms expected to push across the Valley.

The best chances at storms SHOULD be to the west of I-65 into northwest Alabama, but everyone could see some showers or storms today. Temperature is this afternoon will once again be into the low to mid-90s but that feels like temperature will likely make it over 100°.

Expecting higher humidity for Friday but it will not be quite as warm. We expect a lot more cloud cover throughout the day, and better chances that rain through the middle of the day and into the afternoon, which will keep it a touch cooler.

Keep that umbrella handy as you will likely need it. Storm chances continue through the weekend with some of the heavier rain looking to be early Saturday.

The more rain we see during the morning on Saturday the better off the afternoon will look. An early look at next week shows a sign at some cooler and less humid air moving in. Stay tuned!

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