Huntsville Police rescued a fawn on Monte Sano

(Source: Officer Jansen)
(Source: Officer Jansen)

(WAFF) - A local police officer saved a young fawn on Monte Sano Mountain this morning.

Michael Newton and his wife were driving home after dropping their grandchildren off at Monte Sano Elementary School this morning, when they saw a fawn in the median on Monte Sano Boulevard.

Concerned for the fawns safety, Newton pulled over.

"The fawn was in the middle of the road. I could tell it was scared. I figured I would call animal control," said Newton.

Shortly after Newton pulled over, a Huntsville police officer arrived on the scene.

Huntsville police officer Bruce Jansen was able to contact a local animal hospital to facilitate the fawn back into safety.

Jansen said he called multiple animal hospitals, but Governor's Choice Animal Hospital was the only animal hospital willing to care for the fawn.

Jansen transported the fawn in the back of his vehicle to Governor's Choice Animal Hospital where the physicians are treating the fawn for parasite found on its abdomen. The animal hospital is working with a wildlife organization to place the deer back into a natural habitat.

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