Uber driver tells women they're 'going to die'

Women say they were terrorized on Uber ride
Updated: Aug. 15, 2018 at 9:29 AM CDT
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SACRAMENTO, CA (KTXL/CNN) - Three women in California described their recent ride with an Uber driver as terrifying.

"I legitimately believed we were going to die," said Uber passenger Theadora Fuerstenberg.

She and two other women used the rideshare app June 15 to get a ride from a book club meeting.

"He would swerve in and out and then, as he was doing this, he would say, 'We're all going to die now,'" Fuerstenberg said.

Fuerstenberg, Angela O'Neal and Katherine Vallaire said the Uber driver drove erratically and didn't follow directions to their home.

"We had passed our exit by this point," Fuerstenberg said.

O'Neal, in the back seat, was able to get through to 911 dispatchers. That's when the women said he finally got off the highway.

"'The doors are open; oh my God.' So we just ran out," Fuerstenberg said.

They were met by Sacramento County Sheriff's deputies.

In a statement, Uber said they removed the drivers access to the app, and "the disturbing behavior the riders reported will not be tolerated."

They said they stand ready to work with police, but it was the next day that Fuerstenberg said things got worse. She said her neighbor told her a "friend" stopped by and was staring into her house.

The description matched her Uber driver.

She said she eventually was able to get a restraining order against him, but the three women want the driver held accountable. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said they are investigating this as a kidnapping.

The DA will determine whether charges will be filed and if an arrest will be made. The friends also want this to serve as a lesson.

"We really want other people to be aware that this is a risky situation, and there may not be any accountability," Fuerstenberg said.

An attempt was made to speak to the driver. There was no answer at the address linked to his Uber account.

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