Huntsville teacher expresses gratitude after being given car

Huntsville teacher expresses gratitude after being given new car

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Huntsville Christian Academy teacher who no longer has to take the bus to work after the family of one of her students gave her a car is expressing her gratitude.


For the past 25 years, Amanda Robertson has given most of her time to students working as a teacher.

At the beginning of the school year, the tables were turned and she received a gift from the parents of one of her current students.

"After spending all of my income tax money and extra money on fixing the car that I did have, I ended up with a car that did not run at all," said Robertson. "The engine completely broke down."

For several months she's been taking the bus to get to work.

"It took about an hour and a half in the morning's to get to work, maybe a little longer in the afternoons because I had to wait for two buses in the afternoons," said Robertson.

Thanks to the Adeleyes, she now has a new ride.

"I've never owned a brand new car, I've always bought used, second hand vehicles, so this is my very first brand new car," said Robertson.

The pastor at Huntsville Christian Academy says Amanda is well deserving of this vehicle and he says the family who gave this car is what the school is all about.

"She was surprised. This was unexpected. She's selfless, comes in every day, she rides the bus to be here and she comes and gives herself to the children. You'd never know she had a need. She's never asked for anything," said Pastor Reggie Whiddon.

Amanda's new car only has 16 miles and she plans on putting thousands more on it as she continues working.

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