Madison health official weighs in on Zika virus

Madison health official weighs in on Zika virus

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - We have a health warning for you about the Zika virus.

The Shelby County Health Department has confirmed a case in Pelham.

This year since August 9th the Alabama Health Departments website shows there have been three positive tests for Zika.

Officials at the Madison County Health Department say so far the cases have been travel-related, meaning people get bitten by mosquitoes and then travel back home to Alabama with the illness.

The most recent case in Shelby County is still being investigated to determine if it's travel related as well. When it comes to preventing yourself from Zika virus, health experts want you to practice the 3 D's.

"Drain, dress, and defend. Drain meaning to remove any standing water around your property even as little as a teaspoon of standing water can breed mosquitos," said Public Health Environmentalist Supervisor Cheryl Clay.

"We recommend you check your children's toys, tires, buckets, gutters, anything like that at least once a week for any standing water, to remove that water." said Clay.

Cheryl also says the symptoms of the Zika virus for most people are mild, but pregnant woman can give the illness to their babies which can cause serious birth defects.

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