Convictions upheld in Madison County murder, capital murder cases

Convictions upheld in Madison County murder, capital murder cases
Updated: Aug. 13, 2018 at 4:25 PM CDT
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MONTGOMERY, AL (WAFF) - The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals has upheld convictions for capital murder and murder in two unrelated Madison County cases.

The first case is the capital murder conviction of Richard Burgin. Burgin, 55, was convicted in May 2017 for the murders of brothers Anthony Jackson and Terry Jackson at the West Huntsville United Methodist Church in May 2013. The Jackson brothers were involved in the weekly food bank at the church. Prosecutors say Burgin knocked and was let into the church then  stabbed Terry and Anthony Jackson multiple times. When the food bank coordinator found the brothers a short time later, Anthony already had died while Terry died soon after at the hospital.

Burgin was convicted of a capital offense because it was the murder of two or more persons committed by one course of conduct, He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.

In the second case, Cary Trant Jefferson, 48, was convicted in August 2017 for the murder of his girlfriend, Doris Timmons. Prosecutors say the two were living together and the romantic relationship was deteriorating. On the evening of April 27, 2015. Prosecutors say Timmons had been out with her family, and when she returned home, Jefferson was intoxicated and started yelling at her, telling her to leave the residence. Timmons told Jefferson that she would leave in the morning, went to a separate bedroom and got into bed. Jefferson later came to the room and shot her.

Timmons was paralyzed from the chest down and lived in that condition for almost three months before dying from complications resulting from her injury.

Jefferson was sentenced to 30 years' imprisonment for his murder conviction.


Each defendant sought to have his conviction reversed on appeal.

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