Badges pinned, baseball team names challenged at Madison City Council meeting

Badges pinned, baseball team names challenged at Madison City Council meeting

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - The Madison City Council had an eventful meeting Monday.

Madison Police Chief David Jernigan presented seven newly hired police officers. Family had the opportunity to pin the badge on the officers who will be begin training with the department shortly.

Madison Fire Chief David Bailey presented the Star of Life award to a group of five first responders and a unit citation to another two.  All officers and first responders involved in the ceremonies were met with applause from the crowd and support from the council.

The meeting took a turn during the public comment section.

Madison resident Bill Lawler scheduled a public comment on the to-be-named Madison minor league baseball team. He said all the options on the table are disrespectful to the city and the players.

"Whatever name you put on  these young fellas, they got to wear it. So I feel bad because they could be known as 'North Alabama whatever,'" he said.


Brandiose, a branding partner of Minor League Baseball, is considering the following 10 options. It will announce the final five on Thursday.

  • Army Ants
  • Comet Jockeys
  • GloWorms
  • Lunartics
  • Moon Possums
  • Puffy Head Bird Legs
  • Space Chimps
  • Space Sloths
  • ThunderSharks
  • Trash Pandas (Slang for raccoon)

It's also considering the regional identifiers "Madison," "North Alabama," and "Rocket City."

Lawler said Madison supporting the team financially, and thus should bear the name.

"They all relate to Huntsville, and the Rocket Space Center. That's in the city of Huntsville. We're in the city of Madison," he said.

Lawler said he wants the team name to the "Madison Angels," in recognition of the team's major league affiliation to the Anaheim Angels.

Madison Mayor Paul Finley said the council understands his concerns, and pointed out the contract with the team mandates "Madison" be the regional identifier unless the council decides to change it.

The council will consider whether a broader identifier will encourage greater support in the valley, and lead to more merchandise sales.

The final name will be announced September 5, and tickets become available in October.

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