Google initiative offers businesses online enhancements

Google initiative offers businesses online enhancements
(Source: WAFF)
(Source: WAFF)

SCOTTSBORO, AL (WAFF) - Social media and online presence is essential for businesses. That's why the Grow with Google initiative was in Scottsboro Friday.

Scottsboro locals got a jump start Friday, for free, learning how to improve their businesses online.

Grow with Google will help owners with spreadsheets, business websites, customer service, and more.

Local business owners, educators and librarians came to hear from Google to enhance their online presence.

"Grow with Google is an economic opportunity initiative that helps people prepare for work, find jobs and grow their business. Scottsboro was one of three locations in Alabama to host the Grow with Google Initiative," said Erica Swanson, Google community engagement director

Scottsboro Domino's owner Jose Guaita came to the initiative because he says his location lacks online business.

"Our online business is about 40 percent, very low to other Domino's in different areas. Because to them, it's mostly like 80s, 70s, but we're a little behind that here in Scottsboro," he said.

Guaita thinks this lack in online business is because of the population in Scottsboro.

"We have a lot of retirement communities, low income, and their connectivity with electronics systems is limited," said Guaita.

Local librarian Laura Pitts also thinks herself and staff could learn from this google initiative.

"So many times, we wanna be able to learn what we have to do to teach the people that come into the building, but we don't know ourselves," said Pitts.

Google was able to help Pitts, Guaita and other local business owners get the tools they need to succeed.

If you missed out on Friday's seminar, don't worry. Google offers similar workshops and lessons online.

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