Wall Street Journal connects Bellefonte project to former Trump attorney

Wall Street Journal connects Bellefonte project to former Trump attorney

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Wall Street Journal reports that a top donor for President Donald Trump struck a deal with the president's then-attorney to make the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant deal happen.


According to the paper, Frank Haney agreed to pay Michael Cohen $10 million to secure a $5 billion loan from the federal government. Haney's company, Nuclear Development LLC, purchased the plant from the Tennessee Valley Authority, which is a federal entity.

The Journal reports that Haney also agreed to pay Cohen a monthly retainer and Haney's company still has a pending loan application at the Energy Department.

The paper has not confirmed how much Haney paid Cohen.

"Neither Mr. Haney nor Nuclear Development LLC ever entered into a contract with Michael Cohen or his affiliate for lobbying services related to the Bellefonte project," said Larry Blust, a lawyer for Haney.

Cohen's home was raided by the FBI shortly after the deal. Trump has since severed ties with him.

Read the full report at the Wall Street Journal.

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks sent the following statement to WAFF 48 News:

I know nothing about this. Talk to former Congressman Bud Cramer.  Cramer is who Franklin Haney hired as his lobbyist.  Bud represents Haney.  I do not.  I have received zero contributions (political or otherwise) from Haney, direct or indirect.    My motivations are simple:  1.  Electricity generation for America and the Tennessee Valley (a requirement for any modern day economy).  2.  1,000+ jobs averaging $130,000+ in salary per year for Jackson County (per University of Alabama economic impact study).

Locally, State Representative Tommy Hanes and County Commission Chairman Mike Ashburn say they have not read the article. Hanes said the project is important to the area and hopes it goes through.

WAFF 48 News has also reached for comment from Bud Cramer, a former congressman turned lobbyist who represents Haney in this deal.

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