4-year-old injured at Huntsville day care

4-year-old injured at Huntsville day care
Updated: Aug. 1, 2018 at 5:15 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A 4-year-old child in Huntsville is recovering from cuts and bruises from a day care visit.

The child care facility is cooperating with authorities but doesn't have answers for the mother on how her son was injured.

Both the mom and Young World Christian Academy spoke exclusively with WAFF 48 News.

The mother is very upset. She took her son to get checked over by doctors and still can't believe this happened. She doesn't plan to take her son back there but isn't giving up on finding out what caused all of his injuries.

"It's not fair at all. I keep playing back in my head over and over my baby getting bashed over and over." said Desi Jackson.

She is holding her 4-year-old son Darez tighter after finding injuries when she picked him up Monday from Young World Christian Academy.

"There is no excuse for him not being looked after and even if another child did do this they weren't being watched. They weren't being watched long enough to have a busted lip, a knot on his face, scratches around his ear and on his chest that's a long time if you think about it." said Jackson.

The boy also can't tell his mom what happened.

"He may be nonverbal and he might be autistic. I'm his voice and I'm not just going to let this slide or get tucked away with another DHR case, I'm not." said Jackson.

Police and the Department of Human Resources are investigating this situation.

The day care says the employee didn't know how he got his injuries and so she was fired.

"I blame me because your baby was in my care and he was supposed to be safe." said Christy Terry, who has been the owner for more than 20 years and says all of her staff gets three background checks and this particular employee had nothing on her record.

They also have cameras but it didn't record the incident.

"I'm the one that is going to tell you baby we have an abuse case going on here and I think one of my teachers may or may have not done it. I don't know what happened. I'm honest with my parents. That's why I'm full." said Christy Terry.

"You can't tell me that he was struck in the face and the lip hard enough to bust his lip and he said nothing to alarm anyone in that day care center that he was hurt." said Jackson.

Jackson still wants answers. She advises others to be more careful who and where you choose to drop of your child for the day.

"Nobody wants that to happen to their child but for him to be hurt that badly it looked like he was beaten." Jackson is debating on sending her son to a different day care.

The day care says that they will be installing new cameras soon and that they do monthly training exercises on child safety.

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