Fort Payne considering surveillance cameras for downtown, area parks

Fort Payne considering surveillance cameras for downtown, area parks

FORT PAYNE, AL (WAFF) - Vandalism is prompting the city of Fort Payne to consider adding surveillance cameras around town, particularly at the city's parks.

The City Council discussed the idea at a meeting Tuesday morning.

City officials say vandalism is their primary reason but they say the cameras could have other uses as well.

The City Council heard from a local telecommunications company who suggested six sites at a cost of $30,000.

The city is considering area parks, the downtown and other trouble spots to put the cameras.

Some council members expressed it would help catch vandals and possibly deter such actions in the future.

If approved by the council, the city's mayor said the cameras could be used for public safety issues as well.

"We have problems with the railroad blocking crossings and that means that the ambulances and the police have to be rerouted rather than waste a lot of time hunting a crossing if they know ahead of time which crossings are open they could do that. And just general traffic downtown, for instance, if there's an accident somewhere and you see traffic backed up all the way through town and you start rerouting traffic," said Fort Payne Mayor Larry Chesser.

A proposal is expected to be presented to the council when they meet again next Tuesday.

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