Peanut butter drive for Haiti orphanages happening in Florence

Peanut butter drive for Haiti happening in Florence

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - People in Haiti need your help, and organizations in Florence are making it possible. They're hosting a peanut butter drive to help kids in orphanages.

The drive's organizers say most of the children there lack protein because their main source of food is rice.

"A jar of peanut butter in Haiti costs between $9 and $9.50 a jar. Minimum wage being $5 per day, it would take two full days of work just to buy one jar of peanut butter, where in the U.S. we could buy a 12-ounce jar for less than $1.50," said drive coordinator Harry Hames.

You can bring jars of peanut butter to the University of North Alabama Christian Student Center, Sherrod Avenue Church of Christ, Jackson Heights Church of Christ or Florence Boulevard Church of Christ until Aug. 3.

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