Fact checking the Lieutenant Governor’s race

(WAFF) - Let the mudslinging commence.

The Republicans Lieutenant Governor's race has mimicked the presidential election in the ruthless attacks the two candidates are deploying on another.

WAFF 48 News sat down with Will Ainsworth to fact check both candidate's attacks.

In her latest political ad that began airing two weeks ago, Twinkle Cavanaugh launched four new attacks on Ainsworth.

Attack 1: Rep. Will Ainsworth was arrested in 2002 for felony theft, after he stole $15,000 worth of property from Auburn University.

Ainsworth's Response: "It was a college prank. Five of my fraternity brothers and I took the porcelain tiger statues and put them in our house. Auburn Police and the Chamber of Commerce agreed that we did not need to serve any jail time or anything like that. We returned the statues and completed the community service," said Ainsworth.

Attack 2: Ainsworth was arrested in 2001 in Jackson County.

Ainsworth's Response: "Yeah this is completely false. I received a boating ticket in 2001 on Lake Guntersville. It was not an arrest. It was a ticket which I paid," said Ainsworth.

Attack 3: Ainsworth used family connection and money to never serve a day for these crimes.

Ainsworth's Response: Again it was a boating ticket. You don't get arrested for a boating ticket. I paid the ticket. I'm sure Twinkle has had a traffic ticket and paid it before.

Ainsworth fired back at Cavanaugh with his own attacks in his latest "Shooting Straight" ad. Twinkle Cavanaugh never responded to WAFF 48 News when we reached out to her on multiple occasions for an interview.

Attack 1: Career Politician
What we know: "Twinkle served in the governor's cabinet as senior advisor and worked for former Congressman Sonny Callahan. She worked at the Republican National Committee in Washington, D.C. and was elected as the first female Chairman of the Alabama Republican Party in 2005. Twinkle also served as the State Director of Citizens for a Sound Economy (CSE), helping to push President George W. Bush's tax cuts through Congress." - www.twinkleforalabama.com

Attack 2: Bureaucrat
What we know: This is a matter of opinion held by Ainsworth.

Attack 3: Special Interest Lobbyist
What we know: Twinkle was hired by a Mississippi lobbying firm in 2006 to represent the firm in Alabama.

Attack 4: Supported the largest tax increase in the history of Alabama
What we know: Twinkle worked in Bob Riley's cabinet and supported Amendment 1. The amendment provided a 1.2 billion tax increase for Alabama.

The Lieutenant Governors run-off is Tuesday, July 17, 2018. The winner of the run-off will face the unopposed democratic nominee William Boyd in November.

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