Former manager blames company, guns at work for Huntsville Taco Bell murder

Former manager discusses Huntsville Taco Bell murder
Published: Jul. 16, 2018 at 9:33 PM CDT|Updated: Jul. 18, 2018 at 4:45 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A week ago, an argument among Taco Bell employees became deadly. Morris McCullough is accused of shooting and killing his assistant manager, Shawn Bone, last Monday night.

A former manager tells WAFF 48 News that the murder should have never happened.

"It hurts me that people knew about this and they ignored it and there is an innocent man gone," said Steven Mason, former general manager.


Mason knew about his employees bringing guns to work and blames his supervisor for not taking any action.

"When he wasn't doing anything about toting guns in there, I felt unsafe in there, and now this has happened," he said. "It still bothers me now because if they would have let me do my job at that time that this would never happen."

He said he tried speaking with his supervisor at least three times about firing McCullough a month and a half before the deadly shooting.

"His response to me was that we can't afford to fire anyone at the moment because it would affect what they call crew turnover and with high crew turnover it affects the amount of bonuses that they'll receive every month. He did nothing at all. He didn't even go over there and speak with him and even brought it up, he basically ignored it."

Here is the full statement from statement from the franchise organization:

Taco Bell and Tacala, the franchise organization that owns and operates this location, have a zero-tolerance policy of no firearms allowed in the workplace; this was a clear violation of that policy. Tacala is working with local authorities in an ongoing investigation and will take swift and appropriate action if wrongdoing is found on the part of other employees.

This is a tragic situation, and we continue to mourn the loss of Shawn Bone with his family, friends and coworkers. Tacala has personally met with Shawn's family and assured them that all funeral expenses will be covered. They have also offered counseling to employees at this location.

The supervisor is still working and oversees at least five locations. He declined to comment.

Mason also claimed that a current Taco Bell employee continues to bring a gun to work.

"He was too worried about the numbers and I guess the amount of his bonus instead of making it a safe environment for his employees," said Mason.

Mason explained he wasn't shocked that there was a shooting there but who allegedly pulled the trigger. He'd worked with McCullough since he was in high school.

"Did not come cross me to be someone who would do this. I've stayed at home and cried about this because it makes me feel guilty that I didn't go above him and go talk to somebody. With them knowing that I personally hold them responsible for what happened because they definitely knew that he carried a weapon inside the store every day that he worked," he said.

Two days after the shooting, Taco Bell opened back up. Mason reached out to the family to tell them.

Bone's funeral is set for this Saturday at St. Bartley Primitive Baptist Church. He worked two fast food jobs to provide to a son.

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