Race for Attorney General set to begin

Race for Attorney General set to begin
Updated: Jul. 16, 2018 at 11:21 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Only 2,800 hundred votes separated Steve Marshall and Troy King from winning the Republican nomination for Attorney General in the primary.

Incumbent Steve Marshall had the slight edge over former Attorney General Troy King in a race that has taken a pretty contentious tone.

Steve Marshall and Troy King have been trading political jabs in ads leading up to the Republican runoff.

The duty of an Attorney General isn't politically thrilling but the job is an important one.

They wear two hats, as chief lawyer for the state, defending state laws and as chief law enforcement officer and advocating for crime and public safety matters.

For a job that you'd think is supposed to display a lot of respectability, the political ads are slinging mud.

Attorney General Steve Marshall wants to put Governor Bentley's appointment to rest and instead, focus on his initiatives.

"Violent crime has gone up around the country, that's why you hear Jeff Sessions talking about it a lot but yet, if we are going to be accurate and he is going to criticize me for a violent crime rate, at least do it for statistics that relate to my time as Attorney General and those statistics simply aren't out by the FBI at this point," said Steve Marshall, Attorney General.

"All I know is that the last numbers we have, crime was at a 20 year high in Alabama," said Troy King.

Troy King says he wants another shot at the Attorney General title to focus on tightening ethics laws and cracking down pharmaceutical companies.

Meanwhile, the ramped up rhetoric continues.

"I was for law and order, he's not. I drove down crime, he hasn't. I punish violent criminals, he doesn't," said King.

"When we have people with experience like me, as opposed to Troy King who has never tried a case in his life, he's never stood in front of a jury, and he's never had to ask a jury for the death penalty and get it, when you have that experience, it matters going forward," said Marshall.

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