Hollywood police chief wins Lip Sync Battle Challenge

Hollywood police chief wins Lip Sync Battle Challenge

HOLLYWOOD, AL (WAFF) - ATHOS Group has announced the winner of its Lip Sync Battle Challenge, and that winner is the police chief of Hollywood, Alabama.

The group plans to fly to Alabama to present Police Chief Jason Hepler with a check for $2,700 to go to the charity of his choice. Hepler said he plans to donate the money to K9s4Cops because they donate police canines to departments for free that cannot afford to have one.

He's also surprised he won.

"I was really ecstatic because, I mean, we did a Christian video and you wouldn't think in 2018 that a Christian video would win and it did so it's amazing," said Hepler.

Hepler expects to receive his check in the next couple of weeks.

Little Hollywood, Alabama only has about 1,000 people living in the town, but millions have watched the lip sync challenge video featuring Hepler.

The video shows him singing "I Can Only Imagine" as part of the Lip-Sync Battle Challenge.

The video, posted by the Facebook group K9s4Cops, received almost 5 million views since it was posted.

"Somebody gives you a $15,000 dog, you try to do what makes them happy," said Hepler.

So when K9s4COPs issued a lip-syncing challenge to Hepler and police departments who received one of their dogs, Hepler gave it his best shot with "I Can Only Imagine." Hepler said he chose a Christian song for his lip sync video.

"I'm trying to display my love for Christ, you know, and everything he's done for me because he's always walked with me through the hardest parts of my life," he said.

After posting the video on the K9s4Cops Facebook page, it's exploded with nearly 5 million views.

But what touches Hepler the most is the effect it's having on people and messages he's getting.

"I'm 14. I watched your video of you lip syncing and I just wanted to thank you so much for inspiring me to stay right with God," Hepler said of one such response.

Hepler said he doesn't know if he will win the video contest or not but says he feels like he already has by the lives it's touched. Many people on social media have participated in the challenge, which involves lip syncing to certain songs.

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