Local diver weighs in on Thailand rescue efforts

Local diver weighs in on Thailand rescue efforts

(WAFF) - WAFF spoke to a local diving expert to get his take on the rescue efforts in Thailand.

"I feel for them they are having to put their full faith and trust in the people that are there to rescue them." said Max Gilbert. He is a master scuba instructor with Southeastern Divers. He just recently made his 2,000th dive. He says the soccer players stranded in the cave in Thailand are going through the most challenging conditions.

The kids have to endure high currents and very narrow passageways.

Many of the boys don't know how to swim or have never used scuba gear, so each child has two rescuers.
"One in front carrying a scuba cylinder for the child with a longer hose leading back to the child as well as a tether and then a second rescuer following behind those two as they work their way through the passage."

"The boys stuck in the cave are using this type of mask which covers their entire face and should it become flooded it's easier for them to get the water out."

"With this unit a diver could stay in the water for five or six hours, all things considered." said Gilbert. The boys and their coach will swim underwater for 1100 yards to make it up to the surface.

Gilbert says the initial rescuers were using recreational gear which doesn't hold enough oxygen.

"We have a saying that two is one and one is none. The more reductent systems you have the better off you are."

Gilbert encourages anyone to take up scuba diving. They've taught kids as young as 10 years old and certified more than 10,000 people.

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