Arab considering future plans for recycling system

Arab considering future plans for recycling system

ARAB, AL (WAFF) - The city of Arab is facing increased costs for recycling services and they want your input on future plans they are considering.

"The bottom line on recycling is to keep as much material out of your landfill as you possibly can. But it has to be cost effective and it has to be environmentally safe for it to work," said Arab Mayor Bob Joslin.

Joslin said Republic Services, which handles recycling collection for Arab residents, will soon require an increase to cover rising costs the company is incurring. The cost is due to less recyclable products being purchased by China and products not properly cleaned before being tossed into the bin.

"Increased costs that they're absorbing now because of China not buying this material, and they're trying to find other customers. And then the amount that's contaminated eventually ends up in a landfill. The cost would probably go up maybe 50 cents a month per customer. Now that's just a preliminary number," said Joslin.

Joslin said they want your feedback. You can email them at

"I put that out so our community could give us some comments. Do they want recycle? Do they not want to recycle? And just get their general opinion of where they're coming from. Whether they want to continue on or would they absorb an additional handling cost to keep recycling. Even though we have 30 percent that's actually recycling," said Joslin.

The city has until August to make a decision on whether or not to continue the recycling services with the increased rate, cancel them all together or make an alternate plan.

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