Police report: Huntsville teacher allegedly duct taped student's mouth

Police report: Huntsville teacher duct taped student's mouth

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A police report filed with Huntsville City Police reveals a teacher may have duct taped a student's mouth shut.

According to the report, the teacher told the student he talks a lot in school and then put tape over his mouth.

"I'm hurt. I'm disappointed because as a parent you d rop your child off to school to learn, to have education. But my son was going through a lot in that school last year," said Amie Sowel, the student's mom.

Her biggest frustration is that she wasn't notified until a week later.

It happened at Lakewood Elementary on May 24, according to the report.

Throughout the year, Sowel says her son was picked on by the teacher and bulled by other students. Now she's working to do whatever she can to prevent this from happening to other children.

"No matter where you come from you deserve to be treated good because you never know tomorrow what's going to happen. He could serve this country. He could be something to serve people. So I want all of those bullies in schools and especially the teachers, the way they are handing the kids, let them treat the kids, all of them, equal," Sowel said.

In a statement to WAFF 48 News, Huntsville City Schools states they are aware of the teacher's alleged misconduct and the teacher was not renewed by the board and therefore will not return in the fall.

Sowel said she is reaching out to lawyers and wants to file charges against the teacher.

She said she will never give up.

"I'm ready for this and will fight it until the end. Nobody deserves that. I've never seen somebody do something to get treated like that. I never seen it," she said.

For now, Sowel says she will re-evaluate if her son will switch schools in the fall. She said he is humiliated by the action, but moving will be a lot for them.

She'll take the next few weeks before school starts to get him ready.

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