Kickin' Bass Coaches Tournament happening this weekend at Goose Pond

Kickin' Bass Coaches Tournament happening this weekend at Goose Pond

GUNTERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The annual Kickin' Bass Coaches Tournament is a wonderful two-day outing for high school and college coaches, while raising money for different charities each year.

The event is hosted by the Orthopedic Center, Huntsville Hospital, and Harbin Automotive.

Hundreds of high school and college coaches from all over Alabama have participated in the fishing tournament since it began in 1999.

"Nineteen years ago, had 12 guys show up. That was a hundred degree day. Had 12 guys, I said this is miserable. The coaches says this is fantastic, let's do this again," said Jeff Bergstresser, a physician assistant at the Orthopedic Center.

Bergstresser helped organize the tournament to thank coaches for the important roles they play in the lives of young athletes.

"It's kind of our thank you to the area high school coaches for taking care of these young kids. And kind of nurturing them. A lot of them don't have a dad. So this our kind of pay it back to the coaches to show them a good time," said Bergstresser.

And each year money raised goes back to different charities.

"We're going to be doing some more local stuff this year. So we're doing Semper Fi for north Alabama. We're doing children's ministries at Lincoln Village. We're doing Tackle The Storm, which benefits the kids in fishing. And also Casts For Kids over in Guntersville with Jeff Barnes," added Bergstresser.

Over the years the tournament went from July to April to June. Coaches of all sports from colleges and high schools have gathered at Goose Pond for fellowship.

Longtime head football coach at Scottsboro High School, Larry Morris, enjoys coming to the tournament each year.

"You know we all get together and we enjoy seeing the same people. The people that you've met throughout the years and they come back year after year. And your friendships draw closer and closer. And don't get me wrong, there's competition it it. Just because it's fishing and somebody's gonna win. And everybody wants to win, but the big deal is everybody wants to have fun," said Morris.

"It's great food and great fishing. And great fun. But better than anything is the fellowship," added Morris.

The event kicks off Friday and will run through Saturday evening.

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