Problems arise for major drug roundup in Marshall County

Published: May. 30, 2018 at 9:58 PM CDT|Updated: May. 30, 2018 at 11:07 PM CDT
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MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - There are apparent problems with a recent, major drug roundup in Marshall County. Charges against one defendant have been d ropped, and prosecutors say they'll be reviewing all the cases.

On Wednesday, a judge ordered the remaining jailed drug suspects released.

The charges against one man have been d ropped but another man says he was in Ohio when sheriff's officials claim he sold drugs to an informant.


Prosecutors on Tuesday dismissed drug charges against Dana Keller. They said Keller adamantly denied selling drugs, so a judge ordered the sheriff's office to product key evidence. After reviewing his case, prosecutors said they found faulty video evidence and dismissed his case.

Keller was one of nearly 100 arrested in a Marshall County Sheriff's Office drug operation earlier this month.

District Attorney Everett Johnson said he plans to review all video evidence to see if the charges should move forward or be dismissed.

Meanwhile on Wednesday, a judge ordered all drug suspects from the roundup in jail released on their own recognizance at the request of prosecutors.

"I'm just shocked. I don't understand how they can just do this to somebody," said Timothy Lane Buckelew.

Meanwhile, another person picked up as part of the roundup said he's being falsely accused.

According to police reports, Buckelew sold meth to an informant on April 11 at a Raceway gas station and April 12 on Allen Road in Albertville. But according to his debit card bank records, Buckelew says he was more than 600 miles away on those days, installing a car wash for his Albertville employer.

"Apparently, I sold to this informant at Guntersville while I was in Ohio," said Buckelew.

His employer also said he has records Buckelew was in Ohio.

Buckelew said he took a screen shot on April 11 of a work check list he sent back to his boss.

"It just literally happened to me. I got falsely accused based on what somebody said. It's mind-boggling when it finally happens to you," said Buckelew.

Buckelew said his attorney plans to file for an immediate dismissal.

A statement from the Marshall County Sheriff's Office reads:

We always have cases where defendants claim they aren't guilty. We build cases to the best of our ability and we forward those cases to the District Attorney for prosecution.

Once a defendant is arrested they will be assigned to a Judge and given a preliminary hearing. The issue of guilt or innocence will be decided by the courts.

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