Colbert County EMA to use smartphone alerts

Colbert County EMA to use smartphone alerts

COLBERT COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - EMA director Mike Melton said residence in Colbert County will soon be able to register to receive emergency alert notifications on their smartphones.

A grant is paying for the $6,000 it costs to use AlertSense each year for Colbert County.

"AlertSense software program will allow us to give the public initial alerts as to what is going on in the area," said Melton.

That means you can get an alert on your phone or tablet directly from the Colbert County EMA if they spot dangerous weather in the area. The EMA can also alert you if there is a man-made disaster like a major chemical spill. It can also be used for some more everyday problems that can make residents' lives inconvenient, such as power outages and maintenance on roads.

Melton said these alert notifications are going to help make life easier for residents in Colbert County.

Registration could begin by the end of June.

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