ADEM erecting water quality signs along state waterways

ADEM erecting water quality signs along state waterways

(WAFF) - From boating to swimming to fishing, lots of people love to spend time in and on the water around the Tennessee Valley. But there can be some hidden dangers.

A state agency wants to make sure you know what lies beneath the surface.

A lot of the information is available online, but state officials say they want you to see it where you go if there are concerns.

Lots of people enjoy casting into Lake Guntersville and enjoying the fish they catch. But how safe are those fish and the water they're in?  The Alabama Department of Environmental Management is working to place signs around state waterways to let you know.

They will point you to advisories, which include things such as warnings about fish consumption, just what kinds of fish are affected, and the restrictions on how many to eat and what's affecting them. It also has treated sewer discharge points where you'll find out if there are problems, including current sewage spills, and there's also coastal beach monitoring along the Gulf.

State officials say they've put up 200 signs already and more are on the way.

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