Dawson: Ivey has betrayed AL values

Dawson: Ivey has betrayed AL values

Republican candidate for governor Scott Dawson is taking a swing at Gov. Kay Ivey.

The issue? Where some grant money from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs ended up.

"The Ivey administration has betrayed Alabama Values by giving nearly $1 million, tax payer dollars to 'Free to Be', an activist organization which promotes transgenderism and alternate lifestyles to Alabama children." said Dawson.

Dawson says this is his first foray into politics, but he wants to make one thing clear and that is that no public money will go toward "Free to Be."

The money was to go to an anti-bullying program within the group.

"No child should ever be bullied.  In fact because of a weight issue I had as a youngster, I was bullied.  I know how words are hurtful.  I don't want anyone to think I'm against standing up to bullying, but this is not about bullying.  In addition, this would probably be considered an attack on a person or a community, but it's not. To me this is not about equal rights. It's about giving a grant to selective rights." said Dawson.

Dawson is making the same arguments in other areas of the state as well.

We have been trying to get a response from "Free to Be". They posted on their Facebook page that their offices are all closed until further notices.

We will continue to work to track down members of its board to get a response this afternoon. We are also waiting for a response from Gov. Ivey about Dawson's claims.

Equality Alabama responded to Dawson's comments. The Executive Director of the organization, Alex Smith, stated, "Scott Dawson is clearly desperate for attention in the late stages of the made the unfortunate choice to use LGBTQ Alabamians as a political punching bag. Our community deserves a champion in the governor's mansion, not another bully."

Equality Alabama also says that Gov. Ivey had nothing to do with the funding in question.

We will update you on this story throughout the day.

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