First responders say no, Commissioners say no to speed bumps in Limestone Co.

First responders say no, Commissioners say no to speed bumps in Limestone Co.

LIMESTONE COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - People who live in one Limestone County neighborhood are hoping to find a speedy solution to fast drivers in their community.

The neighborhood sits between Sanderson and Old Railroad Bed Roads in Limestone County. They've emailed commissioners about the issue, requesting speed bumps. Commissioners say no because it poses a threat to emergency response.

Ateneh Graham recounts the past few days with a Limestone County Sheriff's deputy present. She says traffic issues have improved tremendously and that deputies wrote a handful of tickets in just three days.

"As much as we appreciate the Limestone County Sheriff's Office writing tickets this last week, they can't be out here all of the time, unfortunately," she says.

Steve Turner represents the district. He says they've done all they can by passing new regulations for fewer straightaway streets in new neighborhoods, installing more signs and putting down reflectors. Speed bumps, however, were out of the question.

Graham says the Sheriff's deputy present this week told her he recognizes the issues, but that Limestone County just doesn't like putting speed bumps out. She calls that unfortunate.

"It slows us down a whole lot. We pretty much have to come to a complete stop in our fire trucks. Actually, it could damage them,"

Dustin Tucker, the Segers Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief. Tucker says speed bumps and other road impairments cause their trucks to leak water.

Other areas in North Alabama like Madison & Huntsville have speed bumps. In Madison, officials praise them because they add to their overall safety, they say. In Huntsville, they've strategically designed them to only be passable by fire and EMS trucks.

Graham says she hopes some type of solution can be formed in Limestone County.

"Hopefully we can come to an agreement and get something done out here. Like I said, I really appreciate LCSO because they've really been out here this week writing tickets, no warnings," she adds.

Graham and her neighbors are drafting up a petition to present to the Limestone County Commissioners during an upcoming meeting.

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