Jackson County school board members ponder high repair costs for aging school

Jackson County school board members ponder high repair costs for aging school

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - It's been nearly a year since Jackson County Schools voted to make repairs on the aging Paint Rock Valley School and still no action.

Some board members are having questions about the cost and the school's future. One board member says he's not pleased by the enrollment numbers but says only the superintendent can bring it up to close the school.

"I love that school. It was a good place to go to school but," said Paint Rock Valley 1993 graduate Greg Posey.

With the talk about Paint Rock Valley School's future, Posey is having second thoughts about keeping it open.

The school board received a cost estimate of $225,000 to make repairs to the roof, air conditioning and kitchen hood.

"That's a lot of money for a roof and whatever few repairs the lunchroom needs," said Posey.


Posey isn't alone. Board member Kenneth Storey was the deciding vote last year by abstaining to close it. He said he wanted to give community leaders time to bring up the enrollment.

School officials say enrollment has d ropped from 76 to 74 this year.

Storey is concerned about the cost and says some of those pushing to keep the school open have since removed their children from the school.

Posey says he'd like to see a new school built on the west side of the county to serve Paint Rock Valley, Woodville and Skyline.

"Turn those others into middle schools and elementary schools and give the children a better opportunity than they have now," said Posey.

Superintendent Kevin Dukes says it was his recommendation to close the school, that recommendation hasn't changed, and he doesn't plan to bring it up again.

The school board meets again on May 17.

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