Parents sue Harmony Park Safari after kangaroo attack

Parents sue Harmony Park Safari after kangaroo attack
A kangaroo attacked a young girl at Harmony Park Safari in Madison County.

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A 2017 kangaroo attack in Madison County has resulted in a lawsuit.

Jennifer White's 9-year old daughter Cheyenne was attacked by a kangaroo at Harmony Park Safari, in May 2017. The attack resulted in Cheyenne receiving 14 stitches in her head.


Cheyenne's parents are now suing park owners William Keith Allen and Shannon Allen, on counts of negligence, saying that the owners knew that the kangaroo had shown aggressive and dangerous behavior prior to the attack.

The lawsuit says that Cheyenne also suffered mental damage.

The parents claim that they were not given any warning about the kangaroo's possibly violent behavior. The lawsuit also describes dangerous conditions within the facility, including an inadequate animal enclosure.

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